05 March 2013

the "LEXIC-ON" performance

My personality is a conductor to structural units of language with their meanings. I feel free to use them, choosing to move with the music, to create music, to seek my own rhythm, a story which I can share with the purity and simplicity of my sense, deep, such as it is, without changing things with clarity and completeness of the decisions that come from my imagination.

"Lexic-on" performance is created on the basis of nine musical miniatures of the movement and improvisations, in each of them stand a word and a personal decision for its meaning. They build three story parts, approaching the overall structure of the performance to the structure of the genre "haiku" – the shortest form of poetry in world literature, having the clarity, completeness, and even the emptiness of one music note.

"Lexic-on" performance translates the happening of dance, sound and language into a personal interpretation. Not the expression of something but its existence.

Author and concept: Irina Goleva
With Denitsa Dikova (dancer and co-author) and Daniel Alexander (musician and co-author)
Costumes and stage design: Velika Prahova and Christina Krumova (assistant)
Advertisement: Ivelina Ancheva

This project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and with the support of the resident program of Center for Contemporary Dance "Derida Dance Centre"

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