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"Butterflies are jet-fighters actually" project

 „Пеперудите са всъщност изтребители”
Авторски мултижанров пърформънс на Сдружение „По действителен случай”
- Hаграда "Икар" 2009 за дебютна Ирина Дочева Голева
- Номинация "Икар" 2009 за авторска музика на живо на Александър Даниел
За проекта
Преминаването по линията на една раздяла е темата на театралният опит "Пеперудите са всъщност изтребители" и въпросът който вълнуваше екипа е: по какъв начин човек изминава целият път до изплуването и колко енергия му е нужна за да не заседне в безкраен цикъл. В този случай разглеждаме раздялата като процес с ясно отличими фази разпределени във времето и линията която го описва най-добре е хистерезисната крива, по тази крива е построено и представлението.

Между моноспектакъла и концерта, представлението е концентрат от силна поезия и неподправена емоция, поднесени с много хумор. "Елегантната раздяла в девет стъпки" (подзаглавие на спектакъла) разказва за състоянията след края на една връзка, за края на любовта, за последствията и опустошенията от него. Спектакълът се заиграва с темата като с популярен лайтмотив и създава въздействаща и полифонична театрална мелодия, с музикални изпълнения на живо, акробатика и слам стихове.

„Ще ми махаш от кея, не плачи – голямо момче си вече. А аз от вчера съм свръхзвукова. Стартирам ниско, завивам рязко, прекалено бърза съм за теб, зайо. Смея се след теб и пея след теб, пия и пуша след теб. Ще чуеш сърцето ми – бас от прозорците на селско Бe Ем Ве. Прекалено силно бие за теб. Приятен ден, скъпи!!!” (из представлението)

Ирина Дочева (актриса и режисьор), Александър Даниел (барабани), Огнян Голев (техн. лице), Тони Кондев (сценограф), Светозар Георгиев (текст), Ивайло Димитров (хореограф)

"Butterflies are jet-fighters actually"
Authors multi-genre performance of “Based on Actual Events” Organisation
Irina Docheva - "Ikar" 2009 Award for Debut
Alexander Daniel - "Ikar" 2009 Nomination for authors live-on-stage music
About the project
Passing along the line of separation is the topic of the theatrical experience "Butterflies are jet-fighters actually" and the question which agitated our team is: how does one travel all the way to the emergence and how much energy is needed to prevent from trapping in an endless loop. In this case we consider separation as a process with clearly distinguishable phases spread over time and the line that describes it best is the hysteresis curve, on this graph is built our performance.

More about the project
Somewhere between live concert and performance art, it is a show for an actress and a drummer. It does not present a concrete narrative and as its subtitle („An Elegant Separation In Nine Steps”) suggests, it is fixed on the moment when love ends. The show examines the feverish consequences and calamities of it. It is a theatrical polyphony of live musical performance, acrobatics and slam. (From the site of the 17 International Theatre Festival Varna Summer)

“You’ll wave me good-bye from the quay, don’t cryyou’re a big boy. Since yesterday I’m supersonic. I kick off at low, turn harshly, I’m too quick for you, bunny. I laugh after you and sing after you, I drink and smoke after you. You’ll hear my heart – the bass sound from a pimped BMW. It’s beating too loud for you. Have a nice day, honey! (From the performance)


Irina Docheva (actress and director), Daniel Alexander (drums), Ognyan Golev (techn. person), Toni Kondev (set designer), Svetozar Georgiev (text), Ivaylo Dimitrov (choreographer)


“The performance “Butterflies are jet-fighters actually” is interested in the emotional world of the experience of the generation, living in a culture of new media and patterns of consumption, happiness and prosperity. Infantilism and pain, maturity and despair, feeling lost and denial of permanent identifications are only part of its visual world. In it even the broom, anger and pain are like “Nike” ... What happen on the other side of the models, how they themselves also "work" in the world of feelings, where the arts can not remain what they are? The performance finds responses by the revelations of the actress and director Irina Docheva of “Based on actual events” organization…” (Across a newspaper article “Culture” – Number 18, May 13, 2010)

“This year the “IKAR” Award for debut quite deservedly went into the hands of the talented Irina Docheva, authoring her performance with a particularly long and eye-catching title "Butterflies are jet-fighters actually”. While excitedly thanked all who support it, she stressed that taking this award is recognition not only to her and the team she works with, but also to the independent theater in Bulgaria. In the final she said that the just winning performance "Butterflies are jet-fighters actually” has no place to be played and effectively turned her elegant dress, decorated with numbers and calculations, showing how much it costs to play this independent performance.

For audiences who love independent projects, they go in parallel with positive associations for alternative, non-traditional, innovative, provocative art, etc. Unfortunately in Bulgarian reality an independent project usually means a lack of resources, unaffordable scene rents and severe operating conditions. The results are most often - performances in many cases with strong qualities, but kept only by the muscles and the enthusiasm of their creators.

I very much hope "Butterflies ..." will be a good exception. The good news is that the show has already programmed in the Youth Theatre and hence should only reach the right audience.” (Across an article "History with a good ending for the independent theater” in the “Capital Lights” newspaper, 30 Apr. 2009)

“I don’t want to comment, but to tell you about "Butterflies ..." performance - as an experience, even as a story. "Butterflies are jet-fighters actually” is verbal-scenic poetry, for which the viewer can exclaim to his friend: "Do you know what just happened to me?"- and start telling. My story will be a draft for review - not an analysis that covers the maximum integrity and initial notes about the case. Let history be the opposite of the expected: Diary of an evolving attitude to the show by dates in reverse order. As in childhood when your fingers stretched chewing gum from your mouth and took it back as a thread, deriving pleasure from this, despite all hygienic and aesthetic standards…” (Through the article “Butterflies are jet-fighters actually – an incident with a spectator as a draft for review” in the magazine “Nail”, Number 2, Oct. 2009)


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